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21 Days of Living Mindfully: Your Guide to Conscious Living

ISBN: 978-0991174768 Softcover $12.99 USD

Living mindfully is a loving, wholehearted invitation to embrace all of life in a new and more intimate way. It is about slowing down and looking at life without judgment or criticism. It is about being vulnerable, authentic and true to ourselves. It is an opportunity to, once and for all, learn to let go of concepts, ideas, and opinions that keep us grasping for something other than ‘what is’ and to cultivate mindfulness and mindful living: to wake up and live in harmony with oneself and the world. Most of all, mindful living is being in touch – being fully present and opening ourselves to living in acceptance, gratitude, and love. 21 Days of Living Mindfully is derived from the author’s research, training and life experiences – including certification in Mindfulness from the UMass Medical School Center for Mindfulness and most recently, certification in Hakomi Therapy. The author’s hope is you will find the information shared in these pages relevant to your own life and that, together, we can create a more peaceful and loving world, one mindful person at a time.

“The practice of mindfulness is, in many ways, a momentary, or moment-by-moment practice where we endeavor to be present to all the moments of our lives. This seemingly simple practice is deceptively complex. We are often best served by a wise and compassionate teacher or guide, which this book, and Lorrie Jones herself, can be. Page by page, day by day, Lorrie provides the loving support, gentle nudges and deep wisdom of a trusted mindfulness teacher, to help the reader slowly build a solid personal practice of mindfulness through reflection, ongoing practice and contemplation. Offered with an open heart and a clarity of expression, Lorrie has assembled a solid and reliable support for your growing practice.”
–Steven D. Hickman, Psy.D., Executive Director, UC San Diego Center for Mindfulness

21 Days of Parenting Mindfully: Your Guide to Raising a Mindful Child

ISBN: 978-0991174782
Softcover $12.99 USD

One of the challenges of being a parent is to live our moments as fully as possible – awake and aware – walking our own path with heart and above all, nourishing our children while learning and growing ourselves. What is important is that we are authentic and show authenticity with our children, honoring them and ourselves in the best way possible. What matters is the quality of the attention we bring to each moment and our sincere commitment to be a conscious, rather than a perfect, parent. Our deepest desire as parents is to see our children grow and thrive – to see them become healthy, joyful, and emotionally intelligent human beings. Our role is to support them in this process. Mindfulness is available to all of us and it is a way of living in the world – a way of being in the world – that improves our quality of life, allowing happiness to flourish, peace to be possible, and love to abound. Nowhere does mindfulness matter more than in the raising of our children. 21 Days of Parenting Mindfully is an introduction to the principles and truths of connecting with your children in a loving and mindful way – with awareness, compassion, empathy, and love. This book is derived from the author’s own life experiences as a parent, her mindful parenting research, and her professional knowledge of mindfulness practices. The author’s hope is you will find the information contained within relevant to your own life as a parent and that, together, we can raise our children mindfully, one loving and attuned interaction at a time.

“Lorrie’s book is a simple and practical guide to help you create new mental habits. The day by day approach using activities and reflection will assist you to developing your own mindfulness practice which will have a direct impact on your parenting.”
–Renee Metty, M.Ed, Mindful Schools Certified Instructor, Speaker, Consultant

21 Days of Eating Mindfully: Your Guide to a Healthy Relationship with Yourself and Food (3rd ed)

ISBN: 978-0991174775
Softcover $12.99 USD

If you’re like most women, you spend your days juggling many roles, conflicting commitments and the wants and needs of others. Often you come last if there’s time. The temptation to reach for food as comfort or distraction can be overwhelming, although the issue is rarely about physical hunger. More times than not, the underlying force is emotion. Eating emotionally can become a way of life. Following two decades of research and practical experience, disordered eating expert Lorrie Jones developed 21 Days of Eating Mindfully, designed to encourage and support you in changing unwanted and unhealthy eating habits by transforming your relationship with yourself. This 21-day journey is not a diet or overnight cure. Rather, it’s an opportunity to inquire more deeply within, providing the keys to establishing a healthy, loving relationship with yourself and enjoying a favorable weight shift and wise eating choices as a natural result and sustainable outcome.

“It’s never too late to learn how to feed ourselves properly. Lorries book will shine a light on the deeper aspects of hunger and how we can truly nourish ourselves by making mindful choices. There’s nothing like the true taste of freedom!”
—Pamela Ziemann, Certified Raw Food Chef

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21 Days Guidebook Companion Journal

ISBN 978-0999120019
Softcover $12.99 USD

21 Days Guidebook Companion Journal, designed by Kelly Lenihan, complements the 21 Days guidebooks by Lorrie Jones. As you make your way through the guidebooks, you are invited to record your daily thoughts, reflections, and self-discoveries in this blank journal.